Friday, 10 August 2012

Operation Sleep Rule Change update night five

Night five didn't get off to a great start. All three of us were sick, tired and grumpy. After two bites while feeding during the 'arsenic hour' I gave up. I put Chubs in the car and took her for a drive to get to sleep. I knew that bedtime was going to be a disaster, so I thought I would call it and take her f or a drive before there was more crying and stress and biting, when I probably would have taken her for a drive anyway. Generally I think it's better to make the decision early and save a tired, cranky sick baby (and mum and dad) from a stressful evening before things go too bad.

When we got in Chubs transferred to her cot ok but was soon stirring. She is sick and just want to be near us, so I put her on her fold out sofa on the living room floor with us where she slept happily for the evening. I gave her a feed joke she was asleep at 10, but she's never really fed well while sleeping, she just nods off and doesn't suck. We moved her in to the cot asleep. Dear Husband and I can't remember what time she came in, but it was quite late -about 3am or 4am. We're on a winner her I think!

Night six (Friday) and Chubs had daycare (Friday is my study day). She was shattered when she got in and we did a very quick bedtime routine so she was in bed early. Hopefully it will go well tonight!

Dear Husband and I talked about maybe moving it back to 2am for next week, but we decided just to stick by an hour a week, so it will be 1am next week. Hopefully we can keep moving it back.

Doing this is reminding me one of the reasons I'm a big fan of cosleeping in the first place -I get much more sleep when she's in bed with us. I guess it's about getting better quality sleep which is why we're doing this, but there is a lot to be said for parenting in one's sleep. If cosleeping is working for you, then keep going! If the only thing which is worrying you is forming 'bad habits' or what People think, then don't worry about it. Like I said when I first posted, if circumstances were different for us then there would be no need to change. If we had a spare bed we would probably play musical beds all night, and we wouldn't have a problem. I am glad that the changes seem to be working though, and Chubs seem to be coping with the new rules which is great.

As usual, I will keep you posted!

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