Sunday, 12 August 2012

Operation Sleep Rule Change: update after week one

Well, one week in and things are going to plan. We've made it past midnight every night for the past week. The only night which was really hard was the first night and it wasn't too bad. I fed/patted/rocked Chubs constantly for almost an hour and a half but we got there in the end. The next six nights usually only took one resettle to get her back down until after midnight.

So for the next week, we will keep resettling her in her room until 1 o' clock. Feeding, patting, rocking- whatever we need to do, until she goes back to sleep in her cot, or until 1am comes. The aim is not to get her to sleep through, it's just to get our bed back for a few more hours. I don't regret bringing her in there at all, see my first post if you missed it.

Indeed, this last week has reminded me one of the reasons that I love cosleeping, it's so easy. Chubs wakes up, Dear Husband goes and gets her,  I roll over and unzip my top and were all back to sleep in minutes. Getting up to resettle her is a lot more effort!

 I'm in no rush to get her to sleep through the night, or to night wean.  Night waking is normal and healthy for children up to three to four years of age. As with most things, this is working for all of us so we will keep going until it's not, then we'll do something else.

So, Week Two, here we come!

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