Friday, 17 August 2012

A Kilo of Kindness: Launch

It is with great pleasure that I launch A Kilo of Kindness today. I've hinted at it before, and now it is here!

Every day is full of countless acts of kindness, but I would like to try to count some of them. Please let me know what kindness you have seen or done, and I will add it to the lost. Perhaps you cooked a meal for a friend in need, maybe someone else dropped your kids home from school? A shoulder to cry on, or someone helping an elderly person with her shopping. A guiding hand for someone with a vision impairment, a donation to a charity. Perhaps you have knitted a square or would like to donate to the 40 Hour Famine: Hint, it's on this weekend.

So next time someone does you a favour, or you do one for them, let me know and I'll add it to the list. Leave a comment or email me at a_kilo_of_kindness at live dot com dot au. The first comment or email I receive gets to be number one on the list, so get in quick!

I'd also love to hear your predictions as to how long it will take to get to one thousand. I'd like to think we could do it in less that a year, but I really have no idea.

So let me know how the world is a brighter place for you!


  1. In the week before my last surgery I was pretty ill.
    On Wednesday I needed a lift to have an emergency CT scan. My friend Karen collected me, waited while I had the scan, held me while I sobbed the bad news, drove me back to the doctor's office and waited while he found me an appointment with another surgeon, before driving me home. All on her only day off in the week.
    On Friday, I had lunch with my friend Wendy and I noticed a bruised sort of feeling in my calf. She encouraged me to call my doctor, who scheduled an immediate ultrasound. Wendy drove me to the ultrasound, waited for the results, drove me to my doctor's office, waited while he wrote a script, waited while I tried to have it filled, waited while the practice nurse taught me to inject, drove me to two other pharmacies to find one that had my medicine and drove me home. After a noon lunch date, she left my place at 6pm and then thanked me for the opportunity to feel like she'd done something really useful to help.
    That should get you close to your kilo all by itself, right.
    Nina (bfin)

    1. You have gone through quite an ordeal - hopefully all will bo ok in the end. You're on the list now :)


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