Monday, 23 January 2012

Recycling bin improvisation FTW

I have recently returned to work after my Maternity Leave. Whilst on leave I packed up all my things and put them into storage. Despite a massive purge, I still had many things which I felt it was best to keep. I sweet-talked my mum and sister into collecting them for me, and then I carted them back to work. (They were going to the storage shed anyway to get things of their own, I'm not that bad...) It's a fair distance from the carpark to my desk, and boxes of books are really heavy. (Although, at least they don't squirm or pinch my arm or pull my hair. Then again, the book boxes don't giggle and gurgle either. I digress.)

I was very conscious that I had a mountain of work to do, and a baby girl at home who would want a feed in a few hours. I didn't want to spend all my time farting about carrying boxes. I emptied out the aforementioned recycling bin, filled it with my books and then used it as a makeshift trolley. Two trips instead of ten or more, recycling back in the bin and three glorious hours of uninterrupted work. Works for me!

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