Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Baby bag tip

Today's tip is a Works For Me Wednesday one; that is, it works for us. The tip is to have two baby bags - one for daycare and one for home. Well, not exactly 'home', but one bag for when Chubs is out with us, and one for daycare.

I know that some people have one nappy bag for all the time - I know this because I see them in the lockers at daycare. For us, however, it works much better to have two.

There are several reasons for this. The daycare bag is filled with different things - pretty much just lots of nappies, a lunch box full of food and spare clothes.

The nappy bag for us, however, looks very different. We usually only go out for a few hours at a time and then come home, so I don't need a whole day's worth of nappies. I use small wet bag(s) which can fit one or two nappies, whereas I send larger ones to daycare which can hold five or six. Wipes are provided at daycare but not anywhere else so they are in the nappy bag; I also have books and toys, snacks, paracetemol and a comb. There's a change of cloths and a cardi in there too, and a change mat.

When Chubs was a newborn I found it easiest to repack the nappy bag at night so we were good to go in the morning. At some stage though (I'm not really sure when - perhaps when I went back to work?) I started to just repack in the morning - toss in two nappies, two wetbags and a snack and we're done. I try to keep an eye on when the wipes need replacing. I keep spares of everything in the car, too, in case I do forget anything.

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