Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Kilo of Kindness: Update 4 - 9

Some more things to update the Kilo of Kindness list.

4. 3LWs said: Dropping off 3 meals, bread, milk, chocolate biscuits and presents after I had DS2?
Surely those count, they made us feel loved!!
5. Mooki said: after I had DS the forum girls arranged homecooked meals to be delivered for the week,we did the same for nightowl and will be doing the same for Loli and Andy too

6. NH said: I think I could nearly fill your kilo! People are truly wonderful. I will work on a list! NH also got send a little package of goodies for her family and for her daughter when she wasn't well.

7. AP said: I had severe anxiety this week. I had friends drop over food and take my son out so I could sleep. I also received messages of support from some lovely forumites. I feel privileged to be a part of this community.

I will think of an act of kindness that I can return to the world.

I really think that most people on the world are capable of massive kindness when required.

8. and 9.Chubs and I have both been sick, and my sister has helped out with some extra babysitting. Thanks Aunty K!

Please keep your kindness ideas coming in - let me know by leaving a comment here (or on any post) or by emailing a_kilo_of_kindness at live dot com dot au . I would love to attribute names/ usernames but I'm happy to leave it as anonymous if you would like.


  1. I was struggling to unload my trolley of groceries onto the checkout while trying to settle my 2mth old from crying & a woman in her 80's stopped doing her grocery shopping & came & unloaded my trolley for me, then went back to her shopping!

    1. So helpful, I just added you to the list. This one is number 11 :)


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