Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Monday Menu Plan

It's good to get organised again and get back into it. It's a bit crazy that when I'm super stressed I don't have the time or energy to menu plan when it would be most helpful. 

Update from last week:

All good
All good

Wednesday 11: Sausages with veggies and mash
All good
I cooked up beef mince into pasta bake for freezer and bolognese so we ate the bolognese
Ham and veggies - the beans were yukky so it was just ham and carrot with cheese and biccies to extend it out. 

Saturday 14: Ham and veggies
We stayed at friends' unexpectedly for pizza 

Sunday 15: Scavenge
Bolognese from freezer

This week' plan:
Monday 16: Stir fry Pasta bake (freezer)
Tuesday 17: Beef bolognese (from freezer) Sausages with veggies and mash 
Wednesday 18: Chicken bolognese (from freezer) Asian chicken noodle soup 
Thursday 19: Moroccan chicken casserole slow cooker Chicken bolognese (from freezer) 
Friday 20: Slow cooker chicken curry   Chili con carne (from freezer)
Saturday 21: Chili con carne  Scavenge
Sunday 22: Scavenge 


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