Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Monday Menu Plan

Recap of last week:

Friday 27: Ham and veggies

Saturday 28: Bolognese

Sunday 1: Slow cooker Moroccan chicken casserole 
We ended up staying at friends' for dinner, but I'd already put this on, so I put it in the fridge and we had it on Monday night. 

Monday 2: Chili con carne (cook extra to freeze) 
I cooked up the chili on Monday and froze it, but we ate the Moroccan chicken

Tuesday 3: Slow cooker chicken curry 
Monday night's chili 

Wednesday 4: TBA
A friend dropped off some pumpkin soup on Tuesday night which was heartily enjoyed, with leftovers for the freezer for lunches.

Thursday 5: Bolognese 
Deli meat and veggies

Friday 6: Hot chook 
Deli meat and veggies 

Saturday 7: TBA
Freezer bolognese

Sunday 8: Scavenge 
I found some sausages lurking in the freezer, with frozen veggies and mash (using the potato and sweet potato I had bought for the chicken curry and not used) 

This fortnight:

Monday 9: Chicken bol + extra for freezer
Tuesday 10: Slow cooker chicken curry
Wednesday 11: Sausages with veggies and mash
Thursday 12: Chili con carne (from freezer) 
Friday 13: Beef bolognese (from freezer) 
Saturday 14: Ham and veggies
Sunday 15: Scavenge

Monday 16: Stir fry
Tuesday 17: Beef bolognese (from freezer)
Wednesday 18: Chicken bolognese (from freezer) 
Thursday 19: Moroccan chicken casserole slow cooker 
Friday 20: Slow cooker chicken curry 
Saturday 21: Chili con carne 
Sunday 22: Scavenge 


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