Sunday, 5 January 2014


Decluttering I the new year - nothing special about that but I'm being ruthless. So far I've had one box of toys and these three bags full of mostly my clothes. Most of these clothes just plain and simple don't fit any more. They are still in good condition, but for someone two sizes smaller than me, so out they go. 

The clutter is driving me nuts at the moment. I'm not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, but when I can't get into drawers because there are boxes and baskets on the floor in front of them - and some of those baskets have been there since I was pregnant with Chubs - then it's time to get brutal. 

One of the reasons that I hang on to things is that I try not to be wasteful, therefore I don't want to give something to the second hand shop or toss it in the rubbish if it can be mended or still have some use in it. However, the fact still remains that if something has not been used in years, then it's probably not worth the storage space and I should pass it on to someone else. 

So, I'm trying to be brutal and pretty much just purge. The rubbish bin has been overflowing with crap and will continue to do so. I'm trying to do just some each day.

We're also trying to get back into a bit of a routine. Christmas, family visiting and a beach holiday in the back of flying solo for five weeks while hubby was away during a crazy time at work for me has meant that routine has gone out the window and we're all craving a return. Hopefully the decluttering, organising and cleaning will help to get back on track. 


  1. Good for you! sounds like you're off to a great start in the new year. I can relate to what you said about holding on to things so you are not wasteful. I do the same. I can almost always think of some use for anything that might get thrown out. I'm breaking myself of that habit this year, and learning to let go. It really is a rather freeing feeling!
    Linked up with you at Nony's Decluterring Party!

  2. Yay for being brutal!! I COMPLETELY understand not wanting to be wasteful. That has been a struggle for me as well.


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