Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A rainy Saturday...

I wrote this post on Saturday and I though it had uploaded, but it seems that it hadn't. Better late than never!

Today Chubs went for a trip with her aunty today and had a marvelous time. AK and B picked her up and took her on a train ride into the city. It's still raining and raining and raining so they spent lots of time trying not to get wet but had a great time. Home for a dry change of clothes, some milk and cupcakes, and they headed off again. 

She's home again now, and pooped from her big day out! Thankfully Dear Husband and I are feeling a little less pooped than usual, thanks to a nap without a starfishing toddler, and some child free housework.

A roast for dinner and a sleeping baby girl. Life is good.

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