Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rosette craft: tutorial

A dear friend of mine recently got married, and two weeks before that we had the Hen's night. We had six bridesmaids and they shared most of the work (including Rachael in particular :)  ) but the rosettes were my domain :)
These were for the Hen's night, obviously, but could easily be adapted for birthday parties or any other events.
Materials (makes 12):
- 2 pieces of craft felt in main colour
- 2 pieces of card in coordinating colour (you could use felt instead if desired)
- Printed circles with event name/ design
- 1 four meter roll of ribbon in main colour (will be some left over)
- 1 four meter roll of ribbon in coordinating colour (will be some left over)
- suitable glue (eg PVA or foam)
- stapler and staples
- scissors
- pencil
Step 1a:

Using something round (I used a tea cup) trace circles onto the background colour felt. 
Step 1b:
Start cutting!
Step 2:

Using a smaller cup or other round object, draw circles on the card. Again, you could use felt if you want. Get cutting!

Step 3:

Draw or find and print a logo or design for your event. You guessed it, get cutting! (... and yes, I realise that each rosette is one apostrophe short of a grammatically correct event. Don't worry, it bugged me all night.)

Step 4:
Not pictured

Cut both colours of ribbon into 30 cm lengths. It doesn't need to be perfect - a bit longer or shorter is ok.

Step 5:

Staple a piece of ribbon of each colour to the background felt. It should be about 2 - 3 cm from the edge of the disc.

Step 6:

Spread the glue on the background disk of felt, and then glue the cardboard disk on top. Finish off by gluing the design on top.

Step 7:

Put a safety pin through the top and you're all done!

These were for a one night event, so I didn't spend heaps of time finishing the edges of the ribbon, sewing a loop for the pin or anything like that. Mass production was my aim with the cutting, so the edges aren't as smooth as they could be, although it you are a scrapbooker (and I'm not) you could use those cool cuttie- out- punch things to speed things along and fancy them up a bit. I also wish that I had bought ribbon on a roll, not on a flat cart, since it had all the kinks in it.

The bride had a great night and so did everyone else. I hope that these rosettes might make an appearance at your event to make everyone feel special.


  1. Thanks for the plug. You were a lifesaver with the rosettes and they were wonderful for the hens night!

    1. Thanks for doing all your organising! You must be all wedding-ed out this year.


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