Saturday, 28 July 2012

School fete

The school that I work at had their fete today. I love school fetes. It's a great day with lots of activities - rides, games, stalls and food. All the money goes back to the school, so I'm usually happy to spend a bit more that I otherwise would, or to just say 'yes' to something that we didn't really need, and view the money as a donation. 

I do make a mean sno-cone, too - if I do say so myself!

Perhaps more than that though, I love the community of a school fete. Most of the families from the school are there, volunteering their time and effort. The community donates so much to the school - no just time but crafted and baked goods, second hand items and goods and services to be auctioned. There are choirs, bands and ensembles performing and everyone is proud to be part of the community.

We made sure to stop at the second hand toys, and I got all of these for $5!

The car and the barn thing match one of the sets that Chubs already has, and I was looking for more to go with it so I was glad that I found them. The nerd in me was very proud to buy her her first microscope! The bucket and spades were unopened and I had been looking for a nice set, so that will be good when we go to the beach when it warms up again. I'd also been looking for a cash register for Chubs. The scanner wand bit is missing but everything else there makes noise or clicks or opens or does whatever it is supposed to do, so for 50 cents I'm pretty happy with it! The keyboard has flat batteries, but when Chubs presses the keys the figurines move - so I'm tempted to not replace the batteries since she was enjoying it so much silently!

I'm wishing I'd bought more at the cake stall, since most of this is already spoken for. Still, yummy yummy! Thanks to the generosity of school families, both in donating ingredients and in doing the actual baking, the cake stall is one of the most profitable stalls at the whole fete.

Community, fun and a great family day out :)

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