Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Visit to the Sciencentre

Woo hoo! Sciencentre trip!
It had been long time since I'd been to the Sciencentre. BC I used to volunteer when it was still in George Street. I'd not been over since it had moved to be part of the museum building proper at Southbank.
It was lots of fun, and Chubs just loved it.
Making whirlpools
It's a lovely trip for the day. We get the train in because it's convenient and Chubs loves the trip. The Sciencentre is part of the Museum, but has a separate entry fee (the rest of the Museum is free). Annual memberships are available, which are less than the costof three visits. 

Orbiting fun
We normally take a packed lunch which can be eaten in the dinosaur garden, and there's several cafes around too. You can leave and reenter at any time, so no need to worry about wasting the fee on a meltdown.

Musical science
It did get a bit busy later in the day, and lots of older kids and teenagers moving around was a bit overwhelming. At two years, Chubs is definitely at the very bottom of the target range and a lot was above her, but there was still plenty to keep her interested. Highly recommended!

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