Monday, 22 July 2013

Ten random hints for expressing

1. Keep your flanges et al in the fridge/ cool bag between pumping sessions - no need to wash.

2. Make sure you leave a manual handle in your pump bag in case of battery failure, as well as a spare diaphram/valve. Knowing how to hand express covers all manner of emergencies, too. Like forgetting the pump.

3.Take one large cool bag to work with full lunch containers and empty milk containers. Bring it home in reverse. Simpler than two separate bags, and makes it easier to grab your lunch and pump.

4. The sick bay fridge probably has more room in it than the staff room one.

5. No expressing room? Try someone's office, and have a back up plan or two. Or just pump at the staffroom table - in Australia your right to do so with or without a cover is legally protected.

6. Need to pump while running around? If someone else is driving then pumping in the car can be a very effective option.

7. Soft ice medical ice packs are easy to wrap around a bottle. There are hard ice packs available with curves for bottles, but you can't use them on a sprained ankle so it's one more thing in the freezer.

8. If you can, shout yourself to some nice maternity bras. You're going to be seing a lot of them, and so is everyone else, so you might as well enjoy it.

9. For pumping in normal circumstance for a healthy baby, there's no need to steralise pump or bottles - washing with hot soapy water is enough.

10. Let down let down let down - if you're getting no milk after two minutes, you probably haven't got a let down, so try trouble shooting that

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