Monday, 17 December 2012

Gingerbread House

As previously discussed, I'm not much of a baker AT ALL, but I was thinking that it might be nice to make a gingerbread house for Christmas. I thought that it might be a nice thing to do each Christmas, and I spent quite a long time looking at images to get ideas.
I originally planned to make the hose from scratch, however I have chickened out for my first try. I found too many horror stories about walls collapsing and house falling, and that was without considering the fact that I can't cook and it's very likely that I would burn it. We will be away for Christmas at a fairly remote location, so just popping down to the shop for more ingredients would take more 24 - 36 hours and about $150 extra expense.
Since that all sounds like too likely a disaster, I went with the kit; for $12 I got this one. I've never used one before, but hopefully this will be a nice first time.
Some people do one every year and make them spectacular and even themed - I would love to get to that stage down the track! So I am guilt-less-ly easing my toes into the metaphorical water this year -hopefully all will go well!


  1. I've used this kit before, the icing is a little runny, maybe add a little cornflour, & make it close to the time u want to present it, cos the lollies start sliding after a while! Gingerbread is very easy to burn, I don't think I could do it from scratch. Good luck!

    1. Oh no, your comment got caught in my spam filter and I only just saw this. I needed this comment weeks ago - damn you spam filter!

      Oh, and if you don't think you could do gingerbread I don't think I'm going to try...


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